Multi Device Controls — a different approach to UX with Gluon, JavaFX and Polymer

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Спикер IoT, java FX мастер, гуру десктопного программирования. Java Champion (Rock Star).

Everybody knows boring form-based user interfaces. What if one would add mobile devices to improve the UX of desktop- or web-applications? In a research project at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland, we have tried to address this topic in a totally different way.

Usually, you would expect to rework the UI and make it fancier, but here the idea is to enhance controls in a way that they can be remotely controlled by a mobile device. As an example, you can think about a text input field that gets the focus and the actual data input is done on a mobile phone.

Different approaches will be shown, from a complete JavaFX based approach using Gluon to a combination of Swift on a mobile device and Polymer on the browser.

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Gerrit Grunwald
Karakun AG

Gerrit Grunwald is a software engineer with more than fifteen years of experience in software development. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like, as well as his own projects (TilesFX, Medusa, Enzo, SteelSeries Swing, SteelSeries Canvas).

Gerrit blogs regularly, he is an active member of Java community, where he founded and leads the Java User Group Münster (Germany), is a JavaOne rockstar and Java Champion. He is a speaker at conferences and user groups internationally and writes for several magazines.

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