Correctness / performance / complexity: Is functional programming worth it?

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Тема immutability периодически всплывает в обсуждениях, но часто они лишь теоретические. John написал одну из самых быстрых библиотек persistent collections cyclops-react, и он хорошо рассказывает, когда этот подход полезен.

With every choice trade offs are involved whether we are aware of them or not. If you are building highly concurrent applications, leveraging immutable collections may make things simpler — or you could potentially trade one class of problems for another. There are many ways to implement immutable collections, and each comes with different performance pros and cons: some API choices will undoubtedly make your application code simpler, others will help you swap one set of potential runtime errors for another.

This talk aims to arm you with the knowledge to make informed decisions around introducing immutability in collections (and other related functional concepts) to your application.

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John McClean

John McClean is an Architect at Oath. At the moment, he is working on Oath's Demand Side Platform for Advertisers with a particular focus on forecasting, data insights and emerging channels. John also maintains the open source libraries cyclops-react (functional and reactive data structures) and micro-server (a plugin in system for building micro services with Spring and Spring Boot).