Public API infrastructure evolution

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What does it get to scale the public API architecture and development from one team developing one API and a few endpoints to 20 teams developing 50 APIs exposing almost a thousand endpoints handling 100M requests per day? As in most companies at the time, it all started with a monolith. As the company grew, to scale its public API infrastructure was always one of its main concerns.

In this talk, Denis will go through the challenges that were faced in the scaling process and were also driving the evolution of their public API infrastructure. The story is filled with lessons learned and pitfalls, how-tos, and how-not-tos. Most of all Denis wants to provide insight into the scaling process of such an architecture and the accompanying development process. He finds these topics to be interesting for both developers and architects.

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Denis Cutic
Denis Cutic

Senior software engineer at Infobip with 4 years of experience developing several high throughput and mission-critical systems. Among them are Infobip's public APIs and the API management system as the infrastructure supporting the whole API lifecycle. Worked also on developing part of Infobip's data pipeline and managing several ElasticSearch clusters. Denis is quite eager about learning new stuff in both professional and private life. The less he knows about it, the more interesting it is.