Machine learning in Java from nothing to production in one hour

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Отличное введение в TensorFlow.

All of us have heard the buzz around machine learning — many from our bosses, who are eager to see things done as soon as possible — even if they aren't sure what. Java developers starting to research this area are likely to encounter a lot of non-Java materials — Python, statistics, etc. But are these really necessary?

In this live coding demonstration, Derek will teach Java developers with no former machine learning experience how to code and deploy a few of the most popular machine learning algorithms on Google's TensorFlow machine learning platform without non-Java programming or obscure math.

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Derek Ferguson
Derek Ferguson
JP Morgan Chase

Derek Ferguson graduated with honors from Chicago's DePaul University and worked with a local ISP to deliver one of the world's first commercial DSL deployments. Out of that effort, he was recruited into book writing and conference speaking, serving as Editor-in-Chief of a major software development magazine, authoring best-selling software development books such as "Broadband Internet Access for Dummies" and speaking at events ranging from Sun's Java One to Java Dev Con. In 2008, he joined JP Morgan Chase and led the effort to integrate Bear Stearns' institutional trading system for retail use. He is presently Head of Engineering for Chase's Commercial Bank.