Applying (D)DDD and CQ(R)S to cloud architectures with Spring Boot and Docker

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Интересный докладчик, рассказывает на основе реального опыта использования CQ(R)S в продакшне. Организатор JavaLand.

Many software architectures may benefit from the introduction of (Distributed) Domain-Driven Design and Command Query (Responsibility) Separation. No matter whether you are maintaining large legacy software systems or start a new microservices platform as greenfield approach, one always has to think about the domain language and service design. In this talk Benjamin wants to show, using an application as an example, how to get started with introducing domain models, bounded contexts and implementing CQ(R)S where it makes most sense while trying to avoid the technical debt trap, e.g. misconceptions and fallacies.

The talk consists of several steps/iterations, each with a small lecture, a dedicated implementation goal that will be solved. At the end one will be able to apply many DDD principles and will have learned how to tailor systems according to their domain — effectively and efficiently while using modern technology standards.

You will see the hands-on usage of Java 10, Kotlin, Spring Boot 2, RabbitMQ and Kafka, MySQL and Elasticsearch, Docker and Kubernetes including many suggestions for best practices and infrastructure as code.

Benjamin Nothdurft
codecentric AG

Benjamin has a long-term and hands-on experience with introducing, building, running, coaching and speaking about Java, Microservices (including DDD and events), Docker/Containerization, distributed/self-contained systems (SCS) and disruptive technologies.

At day he works as Technical Lead for Cloud Technologies at codecentric AG. At night he hacks on innovative trends like FaaS, Service Meshes, Voice UIs and IoT. At evenings he organizes workshops, talks and code retreats at the Software Crafters Community Jena (Softwerkskammer Jena) and the Java User Group Thüringen, Germany — totaling over 40 events in the past 3 years. On weekends he serves as a board member at the Java aktuell Magazine and at the JavaLand conference — leading the Architecture and Methodology & Culture streams, which also focus on DDD and Microservices.

He also runs Open Data Hackathons as well as Devoxx4Kids events. Regularly he also gives university lectures on OOP, Java, Docker, Git, Project Management and Agile Methodologies. In his leisure time he enjoys road cycling, art and theaters, wine/gin/whiskey tastings and discussions about politics and improving IT organizations.

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