Building an effective identity and access management architecture with Keycloak

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Мало кому нравится работать с правами, с безопасностью, и Sébastien рассказывает, как Keycloak может помочь в этом.

The boundary between real and online identity is becoming more and more blurred. From social networks to online banking services, users tend to use their real identity nowadays. For a developer this introduces a great amount of challenge: to authenticate and propagate the user's identity across your different applications and services. And this has to happen while keeping a maximum security level without degrading the user experience: he doesn't want to sign up these crazy registration forms over and over, log in for each of your services over and over... Fortunately, there are tools, modern protocols and frameworks which make this easier.

In this session, we will see how you can delegate your identity and access management to an external service that will leverage OpenID Connect, JWT, Single Sign On etc. We will also cover how to integrate your existing infrastructure (LDAP, Kerberos) with these modern architectures.

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Sébastien Blanc
Red Hat

Sébastien Blanc is a principal software engineer with 12 years of experience. He works at Red Hat and works on the Keycloak project. Besides his "heavy" JEE profile (middleware, banking and insurance products) Sébastien likes advocating his passion through different conferences (Devoxx, JUDCon, JavaOne, SpringOne).

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