Lambda compilation and other gimmicks of modern JDKs

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JVM implementation details behind Java Lambdas.

With Java 7 invokedynamic was added to the JVM instruction set and the concept of method handles was introduced — but not used at all by the Java language compiler. This changed the first time when Java 8 lambda expressions and method references were introduced. More tricks are introduced with Java 9 for efficient string operations.

In this session we explore the technical details of compiled lambda expressions and learn about the new JVM capabilities — which come with several performance benefits and could also be used for other JVM languages.

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Marc Hoffmann
mtrail GmbH

Marc is the initial author of the JaCoCo project. Working on bytecode analysis for over than 10 years he became almost a bytecode native speaker. He is a frequent speaker at various international conferences. For his contributions to Java community he became a Java Champion in 2014. In his day job at mtrail Marc works on Java-based solutions to control trains on European railroad networks.

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