The adventures of Senior Holmes and Junior Watson in the world of software development [Joker Edition]

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< Music from your favorite Sherlock Holmes TV show plays in your head >

"Sherlock, why isn't anything working again?"

"Elementary, my dear Watson! First, you're trying to run Spring 5 on Java 7. Second, after using Groovy for a couple of months you no more appreciate semicolons. Third, your laptop's battery has died".

Yes, this talk will be uncommon. Holmes and Watson are going to solve several riddles, which you may have already come across, are looking at now or will come across during your development routine. There won't be any bytecode or the intestines of the garbage collectors, but there will be tools, libraries and frameworks, which perplex common developers in their routines and lead to down times, screwing up deadlines, and prolonged depressions. Practically, in this talk Holmes and Watson will save you from facepalms and traps that others have already experienced.

[Already heard this talk on JPoint or online? Don't worry, we've got some new material while also keeping the fiery concept!]

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Evgeny Borisov
Naya Technologies

Evgeny is developing on Java since 2001 and took part in a large number of enterprise projects. He went all the way from a simple programmer to an architect, got tired of the routine and became a free artist. Currently, Eugene writes and conducts courses, seminars and workshops for different audiences: live-courses on J2EE for Israeli army officers, Spring — for WebEx for Romanians, Hibernate through GoToMeeting for Canadians, Troubleshooting and Design Patterns for Ukrainians.

Baruch Sadogursky

Developer Advocate of JFrog, the creators of Artifactory Binary Repository, the home of Bintray, and JavaOne 2011 Duke Choice Awards winner. For a living he hangs out with the JFrog tech leaders, writes some code around Artifactory and Bintray, and then speaks and blogs about all that. He does it repeatedly for the last 10 years and enjoys every moment of it.

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