Postgres-10k: Scaling Postgres for several thousands of active clients

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Postgres was started as small open source student project in UC Berkeley. And now it is widely used by large corporations and Internet services with thousands of active clients. Such customers are using quite expensive and sophisticated hardware and expect that Postgres will be able to efficiently utilize all resources of such systems and provide performance comparable with Oracle and other commercial DBMSes. In this talk Konstantin will try to explain issues with Postgres scalability at MPP systems and possible ways of solving this problem.

Konstantin Knizhnik
Konstantin Knizhnik

Experience: DBMS, programming languages, distributed and parallel systems.

Worked at Digital Equipment, TogetherSoft, Borland, NIICS MSU, SciDB.

Now works as a leading developer at Postgres Professional.

Author of open source DBMSes: Goods, GigaBASE, FastDB, JRacer...

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