Java Puzzlers NG S04: Ha, it seems that with this release cycle puzzlers came here to stay!

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No more puzzlers in Java, we thought — and then Oracle decides to bring in new ones every six months! Mwahaha, hold tight, developers, fourth season seems to be the trickiest one!

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Baruch Sadogursky

Developer Advocate of JFrog, the creators of Artifactory Binary Repository, the home of Bintray, and JavaOne 2011 Duke Choice Awards winner. For a living he hangs out with the JFrog tech leaders, writes some code around Artifactory and Bintray, and then speaks and blogs about all that. He does it repeatedly for the last 10 years and enjoys every moment of it.

Tagir Valeev

Tagir Valeev is a software developer in JetBrains s.r.o. Currently, he improves the support of Java features in IntelliJ IDEA developing new inspections and intention actions. Tagir is actively interested in static code analysis and when time permits, develops an open source library called StreamEx which enhances standard Java 8 Stream API.

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